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Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
vice president biden and jim from the american nt prize institute. jared, $2.3 trillion a year is a big number and it bothers me that we're corroding the american work effort and we're doing some damage to society with all this dependency. >> i can make you feel much better. first of all, before i got here, i added up social security, medicare and medicaid. i got $1.6 trillion so mr. eberstadt needs to check his numbers. here's the fact -- over 90% of the dollars we spend on entitlements go to three types of people, elderly people, disabled people and people who are working. if you want to tell me people who are retired and benefiting from social security and medicare, if disabled veterans, if people who are retirees who paid into these systems throughout their careers are takers, i'm not going to believe you because i know you're better than that and i know jimmy p. is better than that, too. so let's get away from this taker stuff. the president's right. it just doesn't work. >> go ahead, jimmy. go ahead. >> back about 1935 we had a democratic president franklin roosevelt and when
Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm EST
. even if they go with a simple majority of 50 votes plus vice president biden to get this thing through i'm going stand here or i'm sorry sit here and predict that the house republicans will veto it, stop it, stomp on it and we'll be nowhere. do you think this big tax hike could possibly get through? >> it will not get through the house. there's no doubt about it. remember the democrats do have 55 in the senate. and if they are able to get a 51 vote margin, they might be able to pass more taxes. but republicans say we have done the last tax increases that we're going to do. we need a pro growth formula that will create jobs in this country. and that isn't on anybody's agenda in the white house and when i saw the reports of patty murray's memo i thought oh, my gosh why would you think that raising revenue is a way to create more jobs in this country? and republicans in the house will not do it. absolutely. >> so the question is why do it? if you know the gop will veto it and you know, why do it? what's the point? >> let me just say on policy i thought memo was great. i have it he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2